I’m afraid of travelling by plane just like my mother is”,” I’ve been shy since I was a child,” and I’m a nervous type person”  All three comments are considered genetic temperament statements.

Do you blame your behaviour on your genetics?  Do you use your genetics as a crutch for your nervousness or bad practice?  Don’t answer right away; let’s think about it.

I’m tired of blaming my genetics for the missed opportunities in my life.  “I would say things like I’m not good with money because of my parents” or “I’m shy because I am like my dad,” neither statement is true.  My money habits were formed from overspending, and I’m reserved at times because I am not comfortable in specific settings.

Once I started facing the truth and stopped hiding behind my genetics, my life started to change.  Taking ownership of my insecurities helped me progress.  I finally started to see how my own actions were contributing to the outcome I received.

I decided one day to write all my genetic temperament statements down and deal with them one at a time.

The beauty of writing these statements down is you get a clear picture of what you are working with and what you need to work on.  I needed to stop making excuses for my inaction and start making some positive changes in my life.

What are your genetic statements?  What are you doing about it?

Your life is yours to live.

Here are some tips for moving to pass your genetic statements;

  1.  Get a blank piece of paper and list some things you don’t like about yourself and that you link to your genetics.
  2. How has it affected your life?
  3. What action can you do differently to change?  Give yourself a timeline.
  4. Implement the action right away.
  5. Celebrate your success, even if it is tiny.

What do you think?

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