It’s harder to lose weight, the good thing is you start thinking about your diet more, I started looking into the foods I eat and I flirted with different diets to see which one was right for me.

If you are a female, your menstrual cycle may change, you can experience random hair growth, have problems sleeping and your libido may change. You can start to experience some perimenopause, you may have more cramps, short-term memory loss, mood swings, anxiety or anger, but that’s life.

Your bone density changes, so it may be a good idea to start taking a calcium supplement or increase your calcium in your diet, remember you do not see the effects of lack of calcium until you are 65 years old.  I won’t tell you which brand to use but talk to your doctor or visit a store that has a variety of vitamins.

For women, you tend to become more attractive because you are more confident and of course confidence is attractive.  You tend to care less about what others say and you start to cut toxic people out of your life.  You start accepting yourself and your flaws.  When I turned 40 I started to pay close attention to things that would occupy space in mind.

Your chances of breast cancer increases, get familiar with your body do some self-exam, check out this website:, you can make this fun, ask a friend to do it, throw a breast exam party and don’t forget to invite me.Your sex drive tends to increase, there were some studies that show this can also decrease due to depression and other factors but let’s talk about the increase that’s more fun, this is when we women become more interested in sex.  I know for me I want to experiment more with certain positions that I would have had to turn the lights out before, but I feel to take the stage and I’m blessed to have a supportive and willing accomplice called my husband.

Oh no, no milk, please.  Some develop an intolerance to lactose especially black woman so if you were capable of drinking a lot of milk in your early years and now you are not enjoying it don’t worry you are not alone.

Your vision changes, time to get the specs, I feel so sexy in my glasses.  Colours may look different to you, check out my various blogs on colour.  Your eyes may feel drier. Treat your eyes well, protect them.

Your taste buds change, this usually happens to women earlier than men, your main taste is sweet, sour, bitter salty.  I use to be able to eat a lot of sweets but I find I am now diluting my juice to make it not so sweet.

Your hearing is not so good, your inner ear drum changes so you don’t hear as well and since your inner ear controls your balance you may not be as coordinated, so stop laughing at some folks that are slightly off balance.

Your memory becomes foggy, don’t be quick to assume you have early signs of dementia, becoming forgetful as menopause approaches is a real thing.  If you are really concerned, visit your doctor there are some test that can be performed to check to determine if there is too much on your plate.

The release of pee pee, now its great to release urine in the toilet but the worst is to feel it as you are laughing.

Ladies, you grow that attractive mustache, please do not feel that makes you liberated, get rid of that thing off your face fast.

Gray hair starts to creep in and on some folks, it comes in quickly and all over, if you do not like it dye your hair but a lot of women is embracing their silver and even young folks are liking the silver lining.

Some experience hot flashes, you feel very warm like your body is on fire, now I am constantly opening windows and using a paper to fan myself.Sex may be uncomfortable because of the dryness in the vagina, there are many lubricants visit your local drugstore.For men, low testosterone, this cause weight gain in the abdomen, hard time keeping and gaining body mass, depression, low sex drive, weakness and mood swings.  This can also cause heart disease, stroke, arthritis and hypertension.

Men, more of their testosterone is converted to estrogen so a man may find himself emotional, physically softer and even weaker.  Studies show that men should avoid soy at this stage because this increases estrogen and it lowers your sperm count and I know how much that means to you and also avoid drinking out of a plastic bottle.

Aches and pains become a thing.  Your body starts to make interesting noises.  I laugh if off, I call my body musical.

I wanted fewer but better quality friends.

Hitting my 40’s was great, even though I had a lot of stressful things surrounding me at the time, I became more aware of the people who truly cared for me and I started to balance my life more.  As I stood tall I looked at my surroundings and realized how blessed I am, I was this little girl from Rexdale, Ontario that didn’t really fit in with the “cool kids” but I’ve managed to create a life that is good and meaningful.  Turning 40 surrounded by my family and friends was the most amazing feeling and I am thankful for those who celebrated with me.

Everything seems better, I removed my fake nails, I felt freer to be me.  I became more spiritual I felt the higher power watching over me, I spend more quality time with others, I am not concerned with the small things in life, I have developed more compassion for my fellow human being, I enjoy watching my children blossom into productive adults and I enjoy trying new things (such as canoeing check out my blog)

Are you 40?  How do you feel about being 40? leave a comment.

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