I love writing,most of all I love writing in a journal especially a hard-covered book. At that moment all my feelings and thoughts are being entered on a single page that I plan to look back on many years from now.

My First Journal

When I first purchased my journal I wasn’t sure what to write about so I would write a few sentences and close the book. Now I realize a journal can be anything you want it to be. You can have a journal filled with your fantasies or you can have a journal full of goals. You decide what goes in your journal it’s your private domain.

Daily writing ✍️

Keep your journal in a spot that others will not be tempted to read it but make sure it’s in a spot that you can easily get it. Don’t forget to write in your journal daily.

Here are some great questions to start your journal journey:

  1.  List your passions.
  2.  List your goals.
  3.  What do you wish you can leave behind?
  4. Draw a portrait of yourself using colours that reflect who you are?
  5.  Describe something about yourself that pushes people away?
  6. Think of something you lost recently what are two positive insights you gain from the experience?
  7. What gives you light?
  8. List some places in the world you would like to travel to and why?
  9. List five things that made you smile today.
  10. Draw a circle, square and a triangle on a page, now list the people, tools and resources that are important in your journey.
  11.  If you can own only four possessions  for the rest of your life what would they be?
  12.  Think of learning something new then describe what you learned and how  this experience made you feel.
  13. Write down your favourite and most daring dream on a spare piece of paper fold it up and put it in a bottle beside your bed.
  14. Breathe in and out deeply eight times let your mind clear move forward what is the first thing that came to mind when this exercise was completed.
  15. Think about all of the people whose lives are affected by you good or bad list them all.
  16. List three things that you are grateful for when it comes to the human spirit.
  17. Get a candle light it then blow it out and make a wish what did you wish for? write it down.
  18.  Remember yourself as a child what piece of advice would you give your future self.
  19.  List three parts of your life that you wish were different can you come up with a reason you are grateful for each?
  20.  Think of three ideas that you fundamentally disagree with ideas that hurt your spirit and are harmful to your well-being right them down on three separate pieces of paper and rip them up.
  21. List 10 of your biggest dreams that haven’t come through yet?
  22. Name something kind that you did for someone within the last 24 hours.
  23. List four people you would like to sit and eat with.
  24. List five people living or dead that you would like to have a conversation with and why.
  25. Name someone at work that you connect to because they make you feel good and why?
  26.  List your three favourite colours and where do you like to use them ?
  27. Write a letter to someone you have a disagreement with then rip it up and throw it away.
  28. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and make a note of what you guys talk about.
  29. List three people you would like to write a letter to thanking them for making your life better.
  30. List all the things you love about yourself.

These are some great questions to start your journal.Good luck! Remember there are no right or wrong answers. Simply be you🤗

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