When a woman is pregnant and goes into labour she is told to push to allow the baby to be born. If she doesn’t push the baby won’t come out ( Imagine being pregnant forever) the word ”push” is important let me explain.

When I was speaking to a group of young people, during my introduction someone kept talking to the person beside him. My ”hot” spirit was ignited. I asked him if he was interested in what I had to say he said ”no” which was an honest answer.

 I then asked him ”why the hell are you here then?” he seemed really surprised by my question I later realized I allowed him to have control.

I told my life coach at the time what had happened? She did not sympathize with how I felt instead she said ”if you can’t handle your inner frustration, how can you handle external frustration? She then said do another group coaching session and do it right”

I walked away feeling really small. Self-doubt started to kick-in, I realize I need a moment of isolation (just a moment) to regroup my thoughts before my 2nd group session.

The automatic reaction was to switch coaches because I was hurt by what was said.  The next day I called her up and before I can make my request to have her switched the words ”thank you” came out of my mouth.🙏 Because her approach was what I needed to get back out there.

Sometimes folks are not going to tell you what you want to hear but they tell us what we need to hear to keep on ”pushing” through life.

How do you deal with inner frustration?

I hope your answer benefits You❤️

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