”look to the things that are unseen, not to the things that are seen” Bible quote

Sometimes life seems 10x worse so you stop praying, reaching out to people, stop sitting down for dinner with your families etc….You just simply Stop 🚫

I thought of many gifts that I received over the span of my life.

The greatest gift that I have can’t be put into a box. It’s the gift to love and be loved.

Everytime I talk to a family member or a friend I hear stuff like, ”you were the favourite” or ”you are so lucky to have the husband you have”🤨I must admit those words use to bother me a lot because I felt it was dismissive of me as a person because it was saying I was lucky for things outside of me.

I then started thinking, how could I be bothered by someone seeing the love I receive and commenting on it so now I say ”thank you and I wish the same for you”

The gift we all have to give cannot be seen but felt. My life has nothing to do with luck, its time or even timing. I had many things before I even had faith, because there is purpose, my purpose is being discovered now.

What is your purpose? What is your contribution to your life or others? What  are you doing that cannot be seen but felt? Is it good???

I don’t believe in coincidences, all the people in your life and all your experiences are strategically placed. That’s amazing!!!!!

Some folks ask me why do you do the things you do??  What do you get out of it?? My answer to that is I get a memory and its a good one😁Increase your good memories.

Share your time with others, even if you are doing absolutely nothing with the person. Even if you have nothing to say just be in their presence. The right words will eventually come.

Minding your own business doesn’t always work. We are all connected in this universe and we should always be mindful of that.

You may not be appreciated at the moment or your efforts with others may seem to go unnoticed but I guarantee you, you will reap the reward. Keep loving❤️

Share the greatest gift you have, share YOU❤️


  1. yes I totally agree I would rather spend time with people instead of all the shit I get. People are forgetting this fact

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