Jillian Michaels is a personal trainer, author and tv personality.  She was also host of the Biggest Loser.  Jillian had an interview with Buzzfeed.  She spoke about a variety of things such as her view on keto diets, her new app and her quarrel with Al Roker & Andy Cohen.

The interviewer said she admires their acceptance of bodies like Ashley Graham & Lizzo.   Jillian was honest with her assessment.  She said “I don’t love Lizzo because she is overweight, I love Lizzo because of her music” and she also spoke about the disadvantages of being overweight such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune issues and early death.

Jillian has now been accused of “fat-shaming”.  I must admit when I first heard this story I was disappointed in Jillian because I hate to see women tear each other down but when I actually watched the interview it totally changed my mind.

The interview was great and informative.  I thought the Interviewer asked a tag question.  A tag question is making a statement and assuming the other person will agree with you or validate your statement. The interviewer suggested Lizzo & Ashley Graham should be celebrated and Jillian did not agree.

Jillian showed how assertive she was by not simply agreeing but stating her truth and standing by it. The question I have is, Why do so many people think Jillian was fat-shaming?  Do people enjoy Lizzo’s music? or do they like the status she has achieved looking the way she does.  Are Lizzo fans living vicariously through her?

Sometimes we take our own feelings and project it on others.  The attacks on Jillian was unnecessary, the same people that were saying bullying is wrong, was launching personal attacks on Jillian.  So is it ok to attack one woman while defending another?  Was Jillian intentionally trying to hurt Lizzo?

The media sometimes gets things wrong and we as consumers of the news have to make sure we don’t follow like sheep.  We need to evaluate these stories and not rely on the media because the media is getting things wrong.

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