Some people are walking around with pseudo illnesses thinking that there is something wrong with them.  My goal is to convince others that they are “just fine”

2020 will be a very important year.  Just think its the 3rd decade of the 3rd millennium.  I feel we should all feel empowered to do something.

The world is craving some positivity, some new ideas a new sense of faith.  I am connecting more to the Earth and I am feeling empowered, I am learning more about the importance of green space, air quality and my ancestry.  I am paving the way for an awesome future.

In order to feel good about the future I had to let go of bad feelings from the past, I had to say goodbye to some people that were not good for me.  I had to forgive myself and move forward.  Forgiveness sets you free to be the very best you can be, sometimes holding on to anger, resentment and bitterness may seem like the right thing to do but it causes you to walk with a heaviness.  Here are some interesting ways to look forward to your future.

1. Look at the world through clear eyes.

Your life is your life, treat people well and with dignity.  Do you need to adjust the way you see people?  Maybe, is it time to make changes?  Maybe.  You decide.

2.Don’t be afraid to make some predictions.

Expect sadness, disappointments and some days will be difficult, that doesn’t mean its the end of the world.  It means you are living. Look around you offer some support to others that may need some help.


When the world says ” you are worthless” faith will whisper “don’t give up” Start making your list and follow through with what you wanted to do no matter what.

4.Eat Right

Pay attention to what you are putting into your mouth.  When I am eating, I like to say “this is my love me food”  I include vegetables and teas that will help my system feel better.  Food is essential, the quality is not that great nowadays so we have to put forth a greater effort.  I know the government does not want to admit it but we have to do more to get a balanced diet.

5.Love for Family

Family doesn’t necessarily mean your flesh and blood.  Its the people that support and love you and have an influence in your life.  Take the time to show your appreciation for the people who make you feel supported.

I am so happy you are here.  I predict your future will be good.  It will be full with amazing possibilities.  I will leave you with this great quote:

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”

Desmond Tutu



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