For those of you not familiar with England, it is located in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This is located on the continent of Europe. I had great company to escort me on this long flight, I was joined by my sister Debbie and husband Patrice. We flew from Toronto to Dublin, Ireland and then flew into Birmingham.  Birmingham is the second-largest city in England.  London is the largest city.

The airline we chose is called Aer Lingus.  Upon boarding, I saw pillows on each seat and a small green package that had headphones.  I was prepared to read on the flight so I brought lots of reading material.  When I finally got to my seat I looked in front of me at the small screen on the back of the seat ahead of me.  I turned it on and it displayed the latest movies, music and documentaries.  As you could imagine I was so happy.  I watched Avengers, Age of Ultron, and Logan then I decided I should get some reading into my time on this plane so I started reading a great book.

During the flight we received dinner.  The dinner served was your choice of beef or chicken.  They also gave us salad, dessert and pretzels.  It was a great flying experience.  I would definitely fly with this airline again.

Whenever I travel I love to venture off and mingle with the community.  Tourist areas are boring, you don’t see the real people, you see folks that are overly nice to you because they want you to spend money.

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly about England;

The Good

  • National Health Service: They really take care of the public.
  • Beautiful historic buildings, Cathedrals, Castles
  • Overall pretty safe
  • I was able to communicate with everyone because most of them spoke English ( not sure if this should go under good)
  • Many museums are free and hold a large collection of dark history England tends to ignore. (I’ll discuss some of this in the Ugly section)
  • Some of the best Universities

The Bad

  • The weather is pretty crappy.  Very drizzly and miserable.
  • Houses seem crammed together.
  • There seems to be economic uncertainty
  • They seem to drink a lot of alcohol (Remember I have no stats on this is my observation
  •  Higher education is very expensive.

The Ugly

  • Tons of ignorance, at first I thought it was the Trump effect but it seems to linked to Brexit.
  • Hate crimes are on the rise.
  • The newspapers like Daily Mail and the Sun claim to be reputable but they seem more like a tabloid, they add to the ignorance especially news that surrounds immigrants or non-white celebrities such as Meghan Markle.
  • Major problems with obesity.  The traditional diet is greasy.  Fish and chips is a big thing there.

Carla’s Take

Visiting England was great for me.  I spent some time with my beautiful family.  My Auntie had a baby recently so it was great meeting the little bambino.  There is a lot of healing and education around race relations that are needed in the United Kingdom. It’s destructive past lingers and in order for the country to be able to move forward, they need to start addressing some past hurts.  But I also see an opportunity for the people who feel disenfranchised to learn about themselves and appreciate the people who look like them as well, hating yourself or people that look like you will not benefit anyone.  Love of self is always a great option.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with this blog, Have you been to England?  What did you like about it?


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