Each day we wake up we should find things or folks to love.  Love is energy when its practiced you literally feel good.  Research shows that experiencing love causes feelings of euphoria, that’s a feeling of intense excitement and happiness this will fuel you and cause you to want to experience it more.

There is over seven billion people on this planet chances of you finding someone you don’t like or possibly hate is high.  However there are some people you must interact with even though you don’t like them this could be a family member, co-worker or  ex-friend.  Here are some great ways to deal with people you don’t like.

  1. What are their positives attributes? You rarely find someone who is all bad.  Think about a time you saw them do something kind, or made you laugh.  Focus your energy towards those thoughts, it will make YOU feel better.
  2.  When you see them, offer a compliment.  Show that you are strong enough to look above their faults or perceived faults and offer a few kind words.  Make sure it’s not a backhanded compliment such as “You seem so pleasant today”  this implies they are not pleasant on most days. Make sure the compliment is genuine.
  3. Practice by talking in the mirror. When you have a conflict with others its never a nice feeling.  How will you greet this person that you are not fond of??  Greet them with love, don’t allow your discontentment to take over.  Look in the mirror and practice how you will act when you see them.  Who cares?? if your smile is not real, fake it.  Remember your doing this for you.
  4. Stay calm. Seeing someone you don’t like can cause you to stress or you feel annoyed, that’s why some folks avoid people they do not like and say things like “out of sight out of mind”.  Practice deep and slow breathing and think of a memory that you have that was good and made you feel good.
  5. Watch your nonverbal cues.  Don’t approach someone with your arms crossed.  Don’t frown or look away and of course, respect their personal space.  I love to hug and some folks do not, so I am constantly being mindful of the space of others.
  6. Keep hate to yourself.  Everyone does not need to know how you feel about this person.  If the people around you are constantly hating on others, you may want to change the people you hang out with.

Make sure you are within reason to hate someone.  Evaluate the situation, is this person that bad that you need to exert “hate” energy on them.  Hating folks only hurts you in the end.  Remember love heals all things.  Love yourself first and loving others will come naturally.  Don’t get stuck in the land of hatred.



  1. yup or just stay away from people you hate. I find people are getting more and more annoying. Great work Carla! I miss our debates, you’re a real one

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