What is a Generational Curse?

Generational curses are tricky and misdiagnosed. A generational curse is something negative passed down from one generation to another.

It’s a powerful spirit that makes its way through the family targeting each person in different but painful ways.

Entire families will experience ruin at the hands of a single curse. It ruins each member financially, socially, and, most of all, mentally.

The same form of misfortune will affect multiple members, and setbacks are common occurrences when dealing with generational curses. Do you notice specific trends within your family?

What are some examples of generational curses?

Look for specific patterns that run throughout your family.

  • Do family members hold grudges for a really long time?
  • Are they are a lot of blaming the elders for ALL the family problems?
  • Do family members stop speaking for months or even years?
  • Do family members use manipulation to speak badly of one another to outsiders?
  • Do parents use abusive language to the young generation?  I want you to think deeply. Do any of these questions apply to your family?

These are subtle compared to alcoholism, teen pregnancy, divorce and a mountain of other things.

Are you worthy?

When people suffer from these curses, they may not know it. They may think that there is something wrong with them, and they spend their lives with the Therapist trying to figure things out.

It’s hard to break generational curses because it involves the people closest to you, and your experience may seem reasonable, but it’s not.

Not having a belief system makes this impossible to repair. Because it’s spiritual warfare, so you need to think on a higher deeper level to counteract the attack.

I decided I wanted the family, my husband, and I created to be different than the family I am raised in. I knew I would have to engage my spiritual side to make the changes.

I will not tell you what to believe but believe in something higher than yourself. There are forces so powerful that when you move against it, you hurt.

Older Generation

I recognize the older generation will have difficulty changing because you are asking them to improve their underlying belief system. 

Trying to convince the logical mind to change can bring forth a mountain of evidence suggesting why the change is not necessary.

My parents experienced emotional and physical abuse; when I listen to them speak, I keep that in mind. I realize when they talk, it may come from a place of pain and not a place of love. I refuse to hate my parents; I refuse to not speak to them. I have already broken some curses by loving them through their worst moments, and that has made me a better person, a better mom, and a better wife.

How to break the Generational Curse

  1. Write down what the generational curses that are in your family. It’s easy to tell them. Is your family filled with what you think is bitter people? Is there a lot of broken relationships? Do family members not speak to each other for an extended period?
  2. When you have identified all your curses, cleanse your mind. Forgive yourself for any past transgression that you may have done. You didn’t know better, now you do. You will do better.
  3. What are your new beliefs? Whatever you want to change within your family. Develop a way to change it.
  4. Start to implement your new belief system right away. Don’t wait. You have wasted enough time. Things are not going to work out right away, be prepared. You will face rejection, and you may even go on an emotional roller coaster, but you are a leader. Show that you are capable of leading even when your family may not appreciate your efforts. 
  5. Practice every day, your new belief system. Get other family members involved explain what you are doing. You can do this. Don’t be discouraged. Just remember, it’s better to have tried to repair your family than never to try at all.

 I offer some great activities to get you started on breaking the curses. It all starts with YOU.

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