Millennials are bold.  They say what they want. I saw a group of women sitting at a table in Tim Horton’s and one said to the other “all I want is dick at this point in my life.” Of course, you hear those words and it gets your attention because it sounds interesting.

I went over to the table and introduced myself, I told them I am a Life Coach and I love to blog and what they said sounds interesting enough to blog about.

They thought it was funny that I found them so interesting.  They gave me their names but asked me not to use it in this blog so I will respect their wishes.  Let’s call them Cynthia and Pauline.

Since Cynthia is the one that made the comment, I asked her to elaborate on the statement she made.  She said she has had over 4 relationships and none of them worked out and she doesn’t know why.  So i said, “if you don’t mind can you please share with me some of the things that happened that caused the relationship to end”.  This was  her comment:

“I gave my ALL to my first boyfriend, he wouldn’t claim me as his girlfriend. My second boyfriend wouldn’t take me anywhere all he wanted to do was go in the basement of his mom’s house and have sex. My third boyfriend was cold. When my cousin died he didn’t even attend the funeral, he called me on the day to say he can’t make it.  My fourth boyfriend was emotionally abusive, he would never told me I look good but he would tell me I needed to lose weight.  My confidence with him went down the drain.  All I want is a dick because that was the only thing that was satisfying in each relationship.”

I asked Cynthia what she thinks her future relationship looks like. She said the following;

A man that knows what he wants and is interested in me and only me A man that will whisper sweet things to me and not expect anything in return.A man that will offer a hug just because.

A man that will offer his heart as I give him mine.I thought about each point she made and I understand her comment about wanting dick. D.I.C.K meant more than just the male genitals.  It meant;

D – Devotion: She wants someone who is committed to her,

I – Intimacy: She wants to have deep emotional conversations.

C – Comfort: She wants to be held in someone’s arms and comforted in her time of need.

K – Kindness: She wants to be complimented, she wants to be reminded how beautiful she is.

I guess we all want d.i.c.k in our lives.

When coping with a heartbreak here are some steps to try;

  • Let all the negative energy go, the person you will meet does not need all the baggage that your ex has left you with.
  • No need to rush sex, remember sex is a serious decision, the exchanging of fluids and energy can leave you feeling more weak and alone. A breakup can cause physical pain so go for a walk or try something that will get your mojo going.
  • Be honest with yourself, if you need to cry, simply cry.  Remember emotional crying has many benefits such as enhances your mood, releases toxins and relieves stress and fights bacteria.
  • Forgive both you and him, when a relationship is over, it is over.  Don’t become a stalker or desperate.  Being on your own gives you a chance to clear your head and think about your next move.
  • Rearrange your house or workspace.  Create a different environment.  Force yourself to see things differently.
  • Be proud of yourself.  You made it out of a relationship and you have your heart to now give to someone else.

Dick isn’t always the answer, but d.i.c.k could be the answer just give it some time.  You will be just fine.


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