I wake up early ready to start my day.  I am so blessed to have this bed and a place to call home. My family is healthy and strong. I send out positive energy to my children and husband wishing them a good productive day.  Why am I telling you this? because I didn’t always wake up like this.

In the past, I would wake up stating how much I hated going to work.  I would bark at the kids to get ready, check the news for updates on weather and the latest bad news stories.  I found myself feeling weak.  Life was the worse thing to ever happen to me. I became frustrated with life. I would focus on other peoples flaws.

My energy was negative, I was pretentious, angry and tired.  As Mary J. Blige said “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired” so I changed the narrative.  I started to connect more with my spiritual side, I started meditating and examining my life and I was amazed at how ungrateful I was.  How dare I be this way?  How dare I not appreciate all the good things that have surrounded me my entire life?  So I started my personal mission.  My mission to being a new person.

This mission took some time, I had to dig deep into my soul and see how I got here in the first place.  I have a great life, why was I feeling so bad.  Here are the steps I took to create a better me.

  1. Let go of the past, nothing can be undone once it happens. You holding on to things is not going to make it change.
  2. Don’t hang out with people if they treat you like you are hard to love. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.
  3. Don’t allow the people who speak badly of you to take your happiness. You maintain your power.  Don’t turn into them by gossiping, judging or blaming.
  4. Smile, hang out with people who are happy and make you feel good.
  5. Don’t waste your time worrying. Worrying about things does not bring solutions.  Whatever you are worried about think of the best scenario that can occur.
  6. Quit saying “yes” when you mean “no”.

Now, these are some first steps.  All you must do is stay consistent.  This takes time, remember you took a while to get to where you are now.  Give yourself some time if you are trying to create a new version of yourself.  You are amazing!!!  Let’s take our power back.

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