I recently removed the words too busy from my vocabulary.  Ok maybe not all the way but I make an honest attempt not to use it.  I consider the words “too busy” to be offensive and even straight out rude.  Whenever someone says to me I haven’t heard from you in a while, I usually feed them a sob story of how “busy” I am but I realize that I am not actually busy.  I am thoughtless and did not consider calling some folks because my needs are met.

The movie Liar Liar is a comedy featuring  Jim Carey, Jim is forced to have to tell the truth after his son makes a wish on his birthday.  Jim’s son was frustrated that is father lies all the time so he wishes his father would not tell another lie.  Boom, his wish is granted.  Check out the movie if you want to laugh.

What if we all were forced into telling the truth each day.  What would your truth be?  Are you actually too busy to keep in touch with your loved ones, like your parents or friends?  Saying the words “Too busy” has become our go-to word to explain our forgetfulness, thoughtless and inconsiderate behaviour.  So I decided to slowly remove the two words from my vocabulary and simply tell the truth.

My friend recently sent me a text to see a movie, and I did not respond to the invitation until the following day.  I told her I was busy, and she replied “you could have responded”  I then had to tell her the truth, I simply forgot.  I felt relieved that I told her the truth.  And I now make an honest effort to respond when someone takes the time to reach out to me.  Being a thought in someone mind is a blessing.  Don’t take it for granted.

Don’t be in people’s lives for a season, be there for a reason. (That’s one of my favourite quotes)  Take the time to reach out to your loved ones even when you don’t need something.

Here are some great ways to ensure that you keep connected;

  1. Create a social reminder, such as a pop-up message on your phone telling you to call someone.
  2. Start a habit, call someone at the same time weekly to have a phone date.
  3. Start a group on Whatsapp that includes your family and friends.
  4. Plan to take trips together.  Seeing loved ones give great energy.
  5. Mail some hand-written letters. (This is my favourite)
  6. Host a game night.

Do you need to make some changes?  Are you ignoring anyone?  What’s your truth?

Stay Connected!!!





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