For some people, our lives are so full that we don’t have a moment to ourselves.  When we finally get a moment, we tend to stare at our phones thinking that we are taking a break.  Are we?  The definition of a moment is a very brief period of time.  How many moments do you have in a day?

My days

As the days go by my moments were getting shorter.  I was spending a lot of time watching meaningless t.v, avoiding people, and doing my household chores.  Constantly felt I needed stimulation, not realizing that my concentration and attention was being affected by how I was spending my free time.

Losing track of time

I lost track of time, I got lost in the shuffle.  Sometimes I have an empty glass in my hand and I don’t recall ever drinking.  Everything seems so random.  I have a mind but I am operating on mindless.  My thoughts and behaviour were triggering different emotions such as stress or unnecessary emotional suffering.  I was feeling horrible about myself.


Self-discovery is the best way to start finding moments to connect with yourself.  I found my strengths and weaknesses when I decided to sit in silence and review my thoughts and actions.  I decided to free my mind and allow myself to be present.

Is it hard to be present?  Hell Yes! It was challenging at the start, I started with 1 minute of silence and now I take 10-15 minutes a day.  This requires time, effort, patience and consistency these are 4 things I believe we all have or could achieve.

Some Tips to get started taking your moments;

  • Choose a comfortable posture/position.  I love sitting down with my legs crossed or lying on my back with my arms at the side
  • Focus your eyes on something that’s not moving (stationary) This helps relax your eyes. You can keep your eyes open or closed.  (Whatever works for you)
  • Focus on breathing, don’t over analyze just observe
  • Before you come back to awareness, say some kind words to yourself about yourself.
  • Now come back into your awareness.

You can try doing these steps prior to doing something that may cause you to stress such as a meeting at work, a presentation, seeing certain family members that you may have issues with etc…

I attached one of my favourite meditation videos.  This gives great positive energy.  Just in case you need it.

I create moments and you may want to as well.  If you found this blog interesting or helpful, please go ahead and leave a comment and invite a friend to check out my blogs.


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