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Black is Everything

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Every Monday I write about a colour, I got this from a fellow entrepreneur Sheryl Creary you can follow her on Instagram @hairdesignsbysheryl.  When I first started I didn’t realize how humans are affected by colours, that concept sounds so simple, however, colours can stimulate various feelings such as your hunger, energy and even suppress your appetite.  Even though black is not considered a colour or a shade, it’s definitely is something worth talking about.  During my research on black, I found so many articles that wanted to classify black as a colour and some wanted to call it a shade so I decided I won’t be a part of that discussion and I will just call it Black.

Black is the absence of visible light and it is the most used for printing books, newspaper, and magazine. Black was seen as a negative, it was dark, evil and associated with witchcraft and unfortunately, black people are linked to those same descriptions due to racism.  Black also signifies power, self-control, and discipline.  Just look at the martial arts, you start out at white belt and the highest belt is black.

In western countries, black is the colour of mourning death and sadness, that being said black can also be sexy, sophisticated and mysterious.  Back in the day, the “bad guy” in the movie wore black but nowadays the good guy wears black and he is mysterious, powerful and strong.

Black has also been linked to sexiness and seduction.  Women in movies will put on black lingerie to be more enticing.  Psychologist says teenagers wear black because they have a psychological need to hide from the world while discovering their identity.

Seeing black has an effect on your mind and body, it been known to boost confidence and increase your sense of potential but its also been known to produce the feeling of emptiness and gloom.

Some of the characteristics of a person that likes black are;

  • Sophisticated
  • Very dignified
  • Conventional
  • Conservative

Here are some interesting definitions that use the word black.

  • Black Market – Refers to the illegal trade of good or money
  • Black box- A piece of equipment on a plane
  • Men in Black – Government officials
  • Black Tie – Refers to a formal event
  • Black belt- an expert in martial arts
  • In the black – refers to having money


One of my favourite animals is the panther, and I appreciated this feline before the Black Panther movie.  I have a big picture of this beautiful creature in my living room.  This cat is not only amazing because of its beautiful black skin.  The panther is also unpredictable and aggressive.  I can totally relate to the characteristics of the panther to see more on this creature visit

Its also seen as the colour of sophistication, for example, the little black dress that all women are required to have.  There was a study that confirms wearing black makes you look more attractive, intelligent and confident.  In this study it showed men 46% of men survey preferred women in black, the colour red was 2nd.  Black is also very slimming so I love to wear it on the bottom to minimize my butt and hips.  You can wear black anywhere and in any season.  They say the younger you are the more you can get away with wearing full black.  For years I did not wear black close to my face because it did not compliment my features, but now I feel a little more comfortable wearing it.

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Let me know how it goes.  Do you enjoy wearing black? Why?


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