How To Cope With Heartbreak


Being dumped is like having a knife stuck in your stomach and you can’t get it out, especially when you were not expecting it.  I remember being dumped in my early college years by someone that I really liked.  He told me after a year that I wasn’t his type and he wanted someone that he was once involved with in the past.


I felt like crap, I thought I was the worst human being on earth, I felt ugly, stupid, and lonely.  He was my main friend so I would hang out with him all the time.  I stayed in my room in the dark often and listened to music.  If I knew then what I know now, I would have enjoyed my late teens more.  I would have had the tools to cope with heartbreak.


Here are some tools that can help you cope with heartbreak:

  • It’s ok to cry. If you need to go off in your room and cry your heart out, let all that raw emotion out because if you hold it in you will feel worse.


  • Stay off social media. You don’t want to start sharing your feelings with others especially when you are vulnerable you may say the wrong things and later regret it. Also, if you are friends or follow your ex-social media account, end it immediately.  Do not go on his/her social media accounts and like anything they do, if the person ended the relationship with you, make sure its final and you prepare yourself to move on.


  • Write down your thoughts and feelings every day, this step is important because you will see yourself making progress and you can keep track of all your low points and address them accordingly, there will be low points that is perfectly normal.


  • Do not spend too much time alone or in the dark. Use distractions, be spontaneous do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Do not visit the places that you and your ex-visited often, you don’t need the reminder.


Your main goal is to work on building yourself back up.  The beauty about hitting rock bottom emotionally is there is nowhere else to go but up.  Pick your broken heart up off the ground and slowly put it back together and keep in mind you were a great person when your ex-met you and you are a great person now that he/she is gone.  When your ready get back on social media and look the best you’ve ever looked and use the caption I’m back:)


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