“Green with envy”


It’s not easy being green!

Green is the colour between blue and yellow on the visible spectrum.  Green is the colour of nature and health. It’s associated with money, growth, and fertility.  The colour is also associated with ambition, greed, jealousy and the environment.  Just think of a beautiful season, Spring everything is coming to life.  The colour brings forth balance, calm and harmony.

Some say seeing the colour green has physical effects on our body.  It makes our muscles more relaxed and it also has helped decrease allergy symptoms.  Green is an interesting colour because it’s linked with both positive and negative things, for example, green is a linked with youthfulness and being positive and also negative things such as greed and envy.


The meaning of green around the world: (Taken from Expert Kate Smith)


Ghardaia and other parts of M’zab, houses painted in green indicate that the inhabitants have made a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Green, blue-green, and blue are sacred colours in Iran, where they symbolize paradise.

As the emblematic colour of Ireland, green represents the vast green hillsides, as well as Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.

In Japan, green is regarded as the colour of eternal life.

In Aztec culture, green was considered to be royal because it was the colour of the quetzal plumes used by the Aztec chieftains.

The solid green flag of Libya is currently the only national flag of a single colour.

In China, jade stones represent virtue and beauty.

In Portugal, green is the colour of hope because of its associations with spring.

In the highlands of Scotland, people used to wear green as a mark of honour.

There is a superstition that sewing with green thread on the eve of a fashion show brings bad luck to the design house.


I don’t wear green often there are only a few shades that I like.  I like emerald, lime and shamrock.  I don’t find the colour compliments my complexion at all I prefer reds.


If the colour green looks good on you great!  I hope you wear it well but for now, I think the only thing green I like is money:)


Here is a fun quiz to see which colour green you are:



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