Pink is just a pale red.  This colour is also associated with charm, girls, and even chastity.

The colour pink became very popular during the 18th century it symbolized childhood innocence and tenderness.

By the time the 19th century in England young men wore pink ribbons and when they got older they would wear red ribbons to show their maturity.

By the time the 20th century came about pink was the colour of assertiveness. In 1940 more and more people started associating the colour pink with only girls and that became the norm.


There are different shades of pink

The colour psychology of pink is it represents hope and positivism.  It calms and reassures our emotional energy.

Now that we are a little familiar with pink, let’s start wearing it.  My favourite shade is hot pink, summer is a great season to wear it in because of its boldness the colour looks great on my skin tone.

I usually wear it with blue and when I am wearing it I make sure my accessories are neutral and don’t steal attention away from my pink.

What shade of pink is right for your skin tone?  Great question, before you can figure out what your skin tone is you have to look beyond your surface colour.  For example, look at your undertone.  Make sure your skin is nice and clean, then step into natural lighting, artificial light can be misleading and give you wrong results.

Dark/Cool undertones – Stick to cooler pinks – Examples Lupita Nyong’o, Mindy Kaling

Neutral skin tones- Stick to softer pinks – Kerry Washington, Julia Roberts

Warm skin tones- Stick with the corals and peach – Beyonce, Jessica Alba

Can men wear pink?  Of course, men look amazing in pink, however, you have to have a certain level of confidence to wear this colour as a male because of the stigma this colour has and it’s still considered a colour for females.

Now, this is not written in stone but if you are not familiar with wearing pink this can be your starting point,  flirt with the colour a little if you try a certain pink and you don’t like it try a different shade.

Happy Pink!!!!

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