Being a dark-skinned black woman I always love the way white looks against my skin. White is the opposite of black, white lightens and brightens when put against my skin. It really makes my complexion look amazing.

Being born and raised in Canada, I find the Western culture sees white differently than most of the world. We consider white clean, good and perfect and we tend to think of spirituality but in other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa, they use white clothing to show they are mourning someone’s death.

I am naturally clumsy so wearing white is a difficult task because white tends to show its dirt right away and I am bound to spill something but I love it so I better get over my anxiety while wearing it.

There are different types of white they have bright white or winter white more like ivory.  The bright white is appropriate for this time of year, it’s usually worn in warmer weather.

It’s a great colour to wear to work, make sure you don’t eat spaghetti or anything curried, if you are like me you will regret it. The colour also makes a person look chic and trendy and I stand out more.

If you’re looking for a colour to wear with your white, navy blue is a great choice.  I tend to pair white with blue all the time especially at work because it makes me look more authoritative.

Make sure you have something white in your closet so you can use it as a “go to” when you are having difficulty deciding on what to wear, ladies maybe you can store it beside your little black dress.


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