Finding the right job

I have been on many interviews trying to find the perfect job that would offer me a sense of accomplishment and a lifestyle to be admired. Most interviews asked one common question, Tell me about yourself? my most dreaded question, I lost seven or more opportunities because I answered this one question incorrectly.

If you have an interview coming up. Please take some notes off me, the do’s and don’t of answering this infamous question, so tell me about yourself?

The Don’ts

  • Don’t talk about your marital status and your family situation.
  • Don’t talk about all the things you do with your friends on the weekend.
  • Don’t repeat word for word what’s on your resume.

Now let us talk about how you should respond to that question.

The Do’s

  •  Discuss your professional history in very short details, mention the key responsibilities that you had for your most important positions. Make sure you mention things that are relevant to your potential job.
  • Mention your achievements, make sure whatever you achieved was a benefit to the company as well. Your achievement should be measurable, so it should have saved either time or money. Forgive the recruiter if he starts salivating at the thought of you saving the previous company some money.
  • Find a way to incorporate the job description that you applied to, for example, you can say something like “I notice on the job description that customer retention was important and my previous experience shows that I can help with this.”
  • Explain why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Many candidates fail to mention why they are the right person for the job, they wait until they are asked the direct question What makes you the right person for the job? however, my suggestion to you is to answer that question in your tell me about yourself response.
  •  Smile after you have completed your responses to indicate that you are now finished so the recruiter can ask you another question but by the sounds of this there will be no further questions you have answered them all. Good luck!